How to get started with mobile ordering

September 4, 2020

With the world becoming increasingly digital, mobile ordering can play an important part in your business.

As the hospitality industry adapts to new coronavirus pandemic guidelines, mobile ordering offers a way for business owners to offer higher quality services while keeping customers safe and healthy during lockdowns and reopenings.

In this article, we’ll be diving into what mobile ordering entails and what the benefits are in adding it to your business toolkit:

  1. What is mobile ordering?
  2. How do online orders work?
  3. Why is mobile ordering important?
  4. How to get started with Pomelo Pay’s mobile ordering system
  5. Why use Pomelo Pay’s mobile ordering system?

What is mobile ordering?

Mobile ordering is sometimes known as contactless table ordering or an online ordering system. Mobile ordering involves a system where restaurants, cafes and takeouts can accept orders and payments from a distance and online.

Customers access a menu by scanning a QR code with their smartphone. From the online menu, they can pick what they want to purchase, submit the order and pay on the spot.

With digital ordering, customers also have the option to make pre-orders. This takes convenience to another level: they submit their order, pay online and then pick a specific timeslot to come and pick up their meal.

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How do online orders work?

Online orders essentially take the entire ordering process online:

  1. Your customer opens up your online menu on their phone or desktop.
  2. They decide what to order and add any instructions.
  3. They pay directly on the website or you send them a separate payment link.
  4. Payment is processed securely and you receive the order.
  5. Your customer either gets their order delivered or picks it up at a specific time.

With a standalone online ordering system, you can customise the menu, set up your own website and modify your own fees. That’s why it’s often cheaper than using a marketplace online ordering system.

Why is mobile ordering important?

Mobile ordering is one of the most efficient ways to process online orders. Thanks to its flexibility, the ordering experience is a lot better for customers. For merchants, it’s an opportunity to cater to more customers in a shorter period of time.

Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile ordering system:


With a mobile ordering app, customers no longer need to go to the bar or need someone to come and take their order at a table.

Now, all they need to do is open up their phone and start the ordering process online. With a tool like Pomelo Pay, they won’t even need to download an extra app - it’s all done on one screen.

This is also more convenient for small businesses: on your end, you’ll be able to see what they ordered, where their table is and whether they have any specific dietary needs. This makes it less stressful for your staff since they don’t need to spend so much time taking orders.


The mobile experience is a lot more hygienic than the classic in-person menu. Whether you’re inside or outside, a mobile ordering platform means you don’t have to keep cleaning menus or kiosks.

There's no need to ever meet face to face as takeaways can be picked up without any face to face touching.


With a QR code ordering solution, you can display your QR code on pretty much any surface you want. You could display it somewhere that encourages people to beat the queue, on the table when your customers sit down, or even on a brochure for people to order from their homes.

You can create an amazing user experience that incorporates the latest ordering technology, which will get your customers back in your shop again and again.

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Increased customer loyalty

Enhanced customer experience is a great way to increase customer loyalty. With most millennials adopting technology to use restaurant services, many will keep returning to those that offer an intuitive and high-quality online experience.

In fact, according to this survey, 30% of consumers would return to a restaurant if it offered technology such as mobile ordering.

Save money

Mobile ordering with an online ordering system means you don’t need to spend money on menus, huge card terminal fees or a developer to create a new app for you.

With your online system, you get to customise your menu and ordering process as you want it - you won’t even have to create a separate website!

If you choose to set yourself up with Pomelo Pay, you’ll only need to pay a 1.49% transaction fee.

How to get started with Pomelo Pay's mobile ordering system

With your Pomelo Pay account, you can set up a free mobile ordering system very quickly. We’ve made it incredibly easy to set up:

1. Open an account

Contact our sales team so we can put you through any compliance requirements. When you’re verified, you’ll be able to open an account with Pomelo Pay.

You just need to download our app, enter your phone number and you’re all set to use your ePOS. Once you’ve created your account, you’ll have access to a dashboard where you can connect your business bank account, fill in your profile and customise your digital menu.

The dashboard and account are specifically designed to make it easy to track online orders.

pomelo pay dashboard

2. Create and customise your menu

Once you’ve explored the online dashboard, you can start customising and creating your online menu. Add the various dishes and meals you want on the menu along with descriptions and prices.

You’ll be able to customise the colours, add a logo and configure how your customers see your menu.

pomelo pay menu

Once your menu is ready to go, you’ll have a unique QR code and a link that will give your customers access.

When you start accepting orders you’ll be able to adjust your dishes on the go and update the menu if your dishes are sold out or you no longer have the ingredients.

Open your online Pomelo Pay shop for free!

3. Print the QR code

Now that you have your online menu up and running, it’s time to inform your customers of the online menu and encourage them to use it.

You can start by printing your unique QR code and putting it on your restaurant tables. Your customers will be able to immediately see your QR code and can scan it with their smartphone to start ordering.

You can also put your QR code on your website, social media and anywhere you think your customers would want to access the online menu.

static qr code pomelo pay

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4. Watch the magic!

How does it work on your customer's end? It’s nice and easy: they simply need to take out their smartphone and open the camera app.

From there, they point their phone at the QR code and their phone scans it automatically - every smartphone has an in-built QR code scanner. This will take them to the online menu where they can order, and pay online.

qr code phone

As your customers are ordering, you’ll see the orders come in through your dashboard. You can then set about preparing them, and then deliver the food to their table.

Benefits of using Pomelo Pay’s mobile ordering system

Straightforward to use

There's no need to have any code, design or computing experience. Pomelo Pay’s mobile ordering system makes it easy for anyone to set up a shop, add products and allow people to start ordering online.


You can easily change the colours of your shop, edit products as your menu changes and add your own branding so you can make sure your platform reflects your business.

Want to see a real, live Pomelo Pay shop? Check out Beefcakes, a pen and paper shop based in London.

beefcakes pomelo pay

Over 25+ payment options

Once you have signed up to Pomelo Pay you can accept over 25 payment providers including Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay and many more.

Gather customer details

You can ask your customers for their details when they order. This will make it easier for them to order the next time they buy from you, and also allows you to ask them whether they want to receive more information about your shop.

Easily take large payments

With the online shop, you can charge your customers for specific items with an itemised bill. You can also use payment links to take secure, large online payments.

Mobile ordering is a lot more convenient, fast and secure for both businesses and customers. What’s even better is that with Pomelo Pay, you can test out mobile ordering without having to commit anything upfront. Want to see for yourself? Open a Pomelo Pay account for free!