These are the 5 Cheapest Card Payment Machines in the UK

Are you sick of paying monthly, set up, maintenance and card fees just so you can accept payments? Sometimes, the best card machine is one that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg whenever you make a sale. 🦵

The good news is that thanks to better technology and innovation, you can now take payments for minimal setup and monthly costs. You’ve got the option to use anything from mobile card readers, app-based readers and even QR codes. We put together a list with the cheapest card payment machine companies, their fees and a summary on how easy or difficult they are to set up.

Here is a quick chart with the details:

comparison pomelo pay

1. Pomelo Pay

Of course, we would put ours at the top! 🎉

With Pomelo Pay, you just need to download our app and you’ll be able to start accepting payments immediately. We use QR code technology which means that you and your customers only need a modern mobile device to take payments. Here’s a step by step description of how it works:

1. Your print or display your QR code on a screen

2. Your customer scans your QR code with their smartphone (every modern smartphone can scan QR codes with its camera app)

3. Your customer is automatically taken to a payment screen where they fill in their card details or pay with Apple Pay/Google Pay

4. Payment is processed and you receive your funds the next working day

This type of technology means you can accept payments from anywhere and will only need to carry a mobile device (or a piece of paper with your QR code) with you! With our Pomelo Pay platform, you’ll also be able to accept pre-orders, and if you are a takeaway or restaurant, you can use our free online ordering system. You can also send your customers a payment link so they have the option to pay later from their phone.

Not sure if it’s for you? The great part is that you can get started with Pomelo Pay completely for free without any commitments or set up charges. We only charge a 1.49% transaction fee; we only make money when you do.

2. Square

If you prefer a physical card machine, Square offers a combination of both app and card-based payment processing. For £19 you get a Square reader which you then connect through their app. The portable card machine connects through Bluetooth and once you’ve created your account, you can start accepting all types of cards.

The main thing to keep into account with a card machine is that you will need to carry it wherever you go. Square also offers payments links for a 2.5% transaction fee, as well as immediate payouts for a 1% fee.

3. Paypal here

Paypal is a company that has been around since the beginning of digital payments, which is why it’s only natural that they also offer a card reader so you can accept payments. The reader costs £45 and they charge a 2.75% transaction fee depending on your plan. With the reader, your payments will reach your Paypal account almost instantly, and you can also use it to send invoices and add reports.

The disadvantage with Paypal is that you will need to manually transfer your Paypal money to your business account, which also costs fees. Their plan also varies depending on how much you’re selling and the types of cards you accept. This means that the costs vary from month to month and it can be hard to budget and plan for the future.

4. iZettle

iZettle offers a straightforward process to take payments with a physical card reader. The card reader accepts a wide range of debit cards and comes with a keypad so customers can key in their pin. The reader connects to your own mobile device with Bluetooth and you manage it through a free POS app. The account requires you to verify your identity as well as go through a credit check.

The card reader costs £29 and you then pay 1.75% per transaction, as well as 2.5% for payment links. You receive your funds within 1 to 2 working days.

5. Worldpay

If you regularly take phone payments as well as credit card payments, Worldpay is another possible alternative. Their card reader and software allows you to accept both debit cards and phone payments through its POS device.

Of all the options, they are the more expensive one charging £69 plus a purchase fee for their card machine. They also do charge other fees and rental plan contracts depending on the type of plan you take on. Their POS app also links to the card reader which makes it easier to manage both types of payments. You’ll receive your money in 3 working days.

What is the cheapest card machine in the UK?

Currently, the cheapest card machine for business in the UK is Pomelo Pay, because we don’t charge anything for you to start accepting payments! We only charge 1.49% per transaction and there are no hidden fees or necessary contracts. You’ll be able to budget accurately when it comes to costs, making it easier to do forecasts and plan accordingly.

If you’re not sure, you can download the Pomelo Pay app and create an account for free to see how you like it.

Download PP for free

What is the best debit card machine?

That is likely up to your personal preferences and needs, but of course, we believe Pomelo Pay offers the best card machine to process payments. That’s because your account is incredibly easy to set up, you don’t need to carry a mobile card payment machine with you and QR codes are a safe and secure method of taking payments.

Taking payments with your phone or mobile device is a great option for those who work on-the-go, in takeaways, restaurants and coffee shops. It offers a great way to remain safe and follow social distancing rules, and with Pomelo Pay you get additional perks such as insights on customer spending, a free online shop and a menu maker so diners can order from their phone.

If you are looking for the cheapest card payment machine, look no further than Pomelo Pay. You’ll be able to set yourself up in seconds, accept payments from anywhere and your customers will experience another level of convenience. Why not give it a go? 👇

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