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How this business owner uses Pomelo Pay to get paid instantly

March 5, 2021

Know that irritating feeling of having to chase a client payment for the third time?

Yes, we know it’s a pain. In an ideal world, everyone would get paid the minute an invoice is sent. But that rarely happens because clients have their own payment schedules, often get distracted or simply forget. We know that as a small company or sole trader, getting paid on time can make a big difference: cashflow is easier to forecast, income is more predictable and you feel more in control of your finances overall.

With Pomelo Pay, your invoices get paid a lot faster. That’s why David Fox, director of Energy Performance Nationwide, was very happy when he discovered he could get paid instantly with Pomelo Pay.

How David gets paid instantly with Pomelo Pay

David provides EPCs (Energy Performance Certificate) for properties, which means he needs to go to his clients’ houses, complete a survey and then send them the invoice afterwards. The issue is that 9 times out of 10, nobody paid the invoice instantly and he would have to keep chasing payments. So he started researching alternatives that could offer him instant payments.

He found Pomelo Pay and implemented it into his business. Now, he gets paid almost instantly. His clients also say it’s a great payment method:

“It isn’t complicated, it’s straightforward and easy to use. I get a lot of positive feedback from my clients. The timescales and ease of taking money has improved, thanks to Pomelo Pay.”

David did test out other card readers such as Worldpay, but says it was overly complicated and more for big corporate settings: they had high monthly fees and weren’t very approachable. Pomelo Pay’s competitive rates of 1.49% per transaction makes it a very affordable option for all businesses. Not only that, but as David says:

“Pomelo Pay has good customer service, [they] are open to feedback which is positive and [they] take it on board and speak to the development team. Pomelo Pay has revolutionised the way I get single jobs paid.”

How David uses Pomelo Pay payment links

The key to getting paid instantly is using payment links. Payment links are a secure link you send to your customers by SMS or email that don’t require you being present for payment.

David now texts or emails his client with a payment link the day before going to their house, so the client can take a look and there is no “panic on the day”. Once he completes the survey at their house, all the client needs to do is pay through the payment link and they’ll receive their EPC certificate the same evening. He explains:

“We find that the time scales are better, customers get what they need on time, and we get paid on time.”

How can I use payment links in my business?

How do payment links work? Luckily, the system is quite straightforward.

As mentioned before, payment links are secure links you can send to your customers without you being present. When your customer clicks on this link, they will be taken to a separate payment screen where they fill in their card details or choose to pay with Apple or Google Pay. No card details are stored on file, and the payment is processed immediately. You receive the money the next working day.

When you sign up and create a Pomelo Pay account, you’ll see the option to create a payment link once you log into your dashboard on the website or app. You’ll see a menu on the left hand side where you can click on “Send a Request” on the top left corner. You add the total amount bill amount, and then add a reference and adjust the pay-by-date (7 days is the default number). You’ll see an option to share the link by SMS or to copy and paste it to send by email. You’ll get a push notification the moment the payment has been made, and will receive the money the next working day.

Payment links allow customers to pay with one click from their phones, making the payment process a lot smoother and easier: this is what gets you paid a lot faster. You can use payment links to take payments over a phone call as well. Instead of asking your customer to read their card number out loud, you can simply send them a payment link. The transfer is secure and no card details are exchanged.

If you prefer, you can also copy and paste the link into your invoice. Payment links are a good way to take deposits in order to secure a job, and are generally perfect for any remote payment where the customer isn’t present. Once your customer pays, the link is deactivated. Each link has a customisable reference, which makes it perfect to keep track of orders through your Pomelo Pay dashboard.

A bit about EPC Services

David Fox is the director of Energy Performance Nationwide, a company that provides Energy Performance Certificates. Although they are based in the South West, they also have a national service.

Thanks to Pomelo Pay, David no longer needs to chase invoices: it’s easier to get paid, the payments are instant, and his customers are happy to use a more efficient system. A great win-all situation that can help David grow his business.

Curious as to whether payment links could work for your business? Get in touch with our Sales Team today.👇