Best payment link provider: where to begin

June 23, 2021

Payment links are quickly becoming a popular way to take secure, online payments.

They’re versatile, easy to use and work in a lot of different settings. However, their utility means there are many different choices out there to begin doing payment links. What’s the best payment link provider and how do you get started?

We’ve put everything you need to know in this comprehensive payment links guide.

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  1. What is a payment link?
  2. Why use Pomelo Pay for payment links?
  3. Top payment link use cases
  4. How do I accept payment via link?

What is a payment link?

A payment link is a way of requesting payment from a customer online and remotely. You generate a payment request with payment details, and then send your customers a link via email, SMS or any other messaging platform.

Once your customer clicks on the link, they are then taken to a separate payment page where they fill in their payment details and complete the payment. They can choose between Apple Pay, Google Pay and any major credit or debit card. Payment links expire after a certain period of time.

Using payment links is a quick and easy way to start taking online payments without having to set up an entire separate system.

best payment link pomelo pay

Why use Pomelo Pay for payment links?

There are many payment link providers on the market, but it can be hard to tell which one is the best one without a single recommendation.

That’s why we’re telling you that Pomelo Pay offers one of the easiest ways to get started with payment links. Here are a few reasons why:

No monthly contracts or sign up fee

With Pomelo Pay, you don’t need to sign up to a contract or commit to a monthly minimum. Once you go through our onboarding process, you can immediately start sending payment requests and we’ll only charge you a 1.49% transaction fee.

It’s one of the most affordable rates on the market and it means you can get started for free.

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Straightforward to use

At Pomelo Pay, our priority is delivering an excellent user experience, which means we’ve made it very easy to sign up and send payment requests.

Once you log onto your dashboard through your phone or computer, simply click on ‘Payment Request’, enter the total amount and then send it via email or SMS. Yes, it’s that simple.

best payment link process

See everything in one place

One of the main reasons Pomelo Pay customers love payment links is because it’s easy to see all your payments coming in through one, clean dashboard.

You can easily see who paid, when and using which payment channel — all on one screen. You’ll also receive a notification when a customer has opened the payment link and paid, and can keep track of various orders by using references.

pomelo pay dashboard

Combine with other payment solutions

Pomelo Pay’s app allows you to offer your customers a delightful payment experience by integrating various payment solutions into one. That means you have several payment solutions to accept payments with, in addition to payment links.

Here are the other payment solutions:

QR codes: take in-person, contact-free payments with qr codes.

Online shop: sell your products or services online with a customisable online shop builder

Connect API: integrate your ecommerce website into our payment solution

Thanks to the wide array of payment solutions, you can pick a channel that works best for you or your customer, and switch depending on the situation.

Tom is a Pomelo Pay customer who manages a street vendor stall called Phoreal, selling street Vietnamese food. He uses every payment solution when selling his meals: he uses payment links to take deposits for large orders, his online shop for online orders and QR codes for in-person payments.

The unified experience makes it very easy for him to deliver a consistent branding across all the various channels, while still being able to see everything from one platform.

pho real payment links

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Request payment by product or transaction

With the Pomelo app you can choose to type in the amount you want to charge via payment link, or simply click on your product and use an automatic payment link.

That means that within your Pomelo Shop, you just need to click on ‘Payment Request’, click on your product, and you get an immediate payment link. That makes it super easy to send links and saves you the time you would spend manually typing everything up.

pomelo pay best payment link dashboard

You can also choose to take a deposit or a pre-authorisation. With just a button, you can offer a more flexible option to your customers.

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Top payment link use cases

Here are some of the most popular use cases for payment links.

Issuing an invoice

If you issue invoices regularly, you can easily add payment links to your invoices. Once your client receives the invoice, they just need to click on the link and pay. Since it’s straightforward and easy to use, it means you’ll get paid a lot more quickly. Payment links can be used for any invoicing software as well as on a Word document, so you don’t have to worry about them not being compatible.

David Fox is a Pomelo Pay customer and is the director of Energy Performance Nationwide. He uses payment links and asks clients to pay after the job is completed. Since he started using payment links, he now gets paid almost instantly.

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Taking a remote payment

A lot of merchants and businesses take payments over the phone out of convenience. However, this is often not secure and many customers don’t feel comfortable reading out card details out loud, or maybe don’t have the time or are not in the right location.

What if you could call your clients, but instead of asking them to read their card details you send them a payment link? This way, they can complete the payment on their own device and securely.

Tom, the owner of Pho Real, uses payment links when there is a large order. It’s more secure than taking a payment over the phone, and customers are happy to use a system that is simple.

best payment link provider smartphone

Taking a deposit

Maybe you’re taking a large payment before a job, securing a client’s position or purchasing raw material. In that case, you’ll need to take a deposit. If the number is high, you want to be using something secure and easy to track. That’s when payment links come in very handy.

Depending on your industry or company policy, you can also choose to take a pre-authorisation, which is just like a deposit, but their card is not debited.

With a Pomelo Pay payment link, you can send as many email payment requests as you want.

How do I accept payment via link?

We’ve made it very easy to get started with Pomelo Pay:

  1. Open the Pomelo Pay app
  2. Go the menu on the top left corner and select “Payment Request”
  3. Enter the amount you want to charge, or click on a product
  4. This will create a one-time link that you can then send via email, SMS or Whatsapp
  5. Enter a reference (to make it easier to track)
  6. Change the pay by date if you prefer (the default is 7 days)
  7. Your customer receives the request, and can choose to pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay or any debit or credit card
  8. You’ll get an email notification when the payment is completed and will receive the funds in your account the next working day
payment request pomelo pay

It’s that easy! You’ll also always be able to track all your payments from the main Pomelo Pay dashboard.

Ready to get started with payment links? Pomelo Pay customers love payment links due to their versatility and simplicity. They are an easy way to take online payments without even having to set up a website. And with Pomelo Pay, you can get started for free!