New! Order management: get updated live when an order is placed

August 2, 2021

We’re pleased to announce another new improvement to our order management system.

Under the Order Management tab on the Pomelo phone and tablet app, you can now enable live updates for newly placed orders.

How does it work?

To bring the best experience to your online ordering system, we have implemented live notifications to come through to your device. Along with the notification, you will receive a ‘ding’ sound to let you know when an order has been placed by a customer. Your phone or tablet will also clearly highlight the number of new orders that came in since you last acknowledged the updates.

Never miss an order

All information can be found in the Order Management tab of your merchant account. Our latest integration with Star Printers means that you will be able to track orders more seamlessly with printed order tickets and receipts… the second they come through! That means if a customer places an order from scanning a QR code or a staff member submits it in the POS app, the app will alert and print a receipt automatically.

Here’s what you can do with our new order management system:

💡 The order management tab will never go to sleep or standby

📍 Add multiple locations to Shops

🔔 Edit sounds and alerts for when orders come through

⏰ The user will be nudged until the order is acknowledged, so you will not miss out on customer orders

➡️ Configure order statuses depending on your Shop.
For example if you are an e-commerce Shop: Dispatched > Sent > Delivered.  If you are a restaurant with food orders: Ordered > Preparing > Served

We want to hear your feedback

To improve our products and services, we need your feedback. Whether it’s to let us know how we’re doing or if you have anything else you’d like us to develop, let us know your thoughts by emailing: support@pomelopay.com

We are delighted with the latest feedback on our Order Management release. To find out how your business can benefit, get in touch with our payment experts today by clicking the button below.