Why You Don’t Need a Mobile Card Reader to Accept Payments

Fewer people are using cash, and more and more people are using cards and mobile payments for convenience, security and personal finance management. So really, if you are a business, accepting cards is a must. However, card terminals are not cheap: you’ll need to pay a monthly fee, a setup fee, a monthly rental fee, transaction fees and more. Many times, card terminals are not worth the fees from a financial perspective.

This has brought alternative card readers, such as Point of Sales specialist handheld devices, integrated payment options through Uber and even social payments where you pay with a tweet. Of all the alternatives, another has turned up: accepting payments through your mobile phone. Now that’s an alternative we think is efficient!

Accept payments with a Paycode!

The new alternatives to the traditional card terminal are indeed a good option. Companies such as iZettle, Square and Paypal will say that you can accept payments through your mobile phone through their app. However, in order to do that, you’ll still need to buy their mobile card reader and your customer will still need to have a debit/credit card. So really, you’re not accepting payments through your mobile phone – you still need to buy the hardware first.

So how can you truly accept payments through your mobile phone? Two words: Quick Response (QR code). With a payment app that uses QRs such as Pomelo Pay, all you need is an application to download on your phone, and you’re good to go. Even if you forget or lose your phone, all you need to do is re-install the app in another device and log in. Easy peasy!

How does it work for your customer? You present them with a two-dimensional QR code on your phone or printed on a piece of paper, they scan it with their phone which takes them to a separate screen, and there they have the option to pay with Apple/Google Pay or fill in their own card details. All up to date mobile phones have a built in QR reader that can be accessed directly from their camera, and once a QR code is detected, a push notification with a link comes up. Your only fee? The monthly contract.

Benefits of paying without a mobile card reader

No initial set up

No need to pay for a set up, maintenance fees or a delivery fee. If you’ve got a phone, tablet or any mobile device, you automatically have a Point of Service once you download the app. You can choose to set up your device in your store or accept on the go when working outside.

With the Pomelo Charge app, your employees can also accept payments anywhere. All your customer needs to do is scan the paycode and pay with Apple/Google pay or by filling in their card details.

Increased efficiency

Less time fiddling around with card terminals and cash means more time spent on your customers, employees and business. Managing your mobile phone as a POS is incredibly easy to use for employees. Everyone is already used to touchscreens, and with the intuitive interface of Pomelo Pay, your employees can easily learn, further decreasing training time and increasing efficiency.  

The other benefit? No more waiting in line or dealing with an unstable connection. By paying with your phone, checkout times are drastically faster than with cash registers and you don’t even need to be connected to the internet to accept the payment. That means more time to genuinely engage with your customers and make sure they leave with a good impression.


Take your payments system to the next level by forgetting about devices altogether: with a QR code, any location becomes a sales channel. All you need to do is print it and display it in the correct location. Your customer takes out their mobile phone, directs their camera at the Paycode, selects the product they want from the menu and pays instantly. You can even send them a Payment Request through email – they just need to scan your Paycode and they’re good to go. Without having to be present yourself, you truly never miss a chance to make a sale.

Quick and easy to integrate

With an online payment gateway such as Pomelo Connect, every major payment method is accepted. This means that whether you have a web shop or are just starting out, you’re able to accept Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many other payment methods at a favourable rate. More diverse payment acceptance means more revenue as well as higher customer satisfaction.

Using a Paycode is also safer and more secure: not only is all the information encrypted, but your customer can complete a payment through a mobile phone without even entering any card details on your website.

Easy to analyse and manage

The other benefit of using a QR code is that a lot more information can be stored and managed. By using Pomelo Pay’s Paycode, you also get a dashboard with in-depth analytics and reports as well as live transaction information and reconciliation reports. This makes it easier to issue refunds, prepare tax returns and manage your overall business.

By using a mobile device as a POS, the software used can help you save hours of overall management of inventory, invoice tracking and customer details.  No matter where you are, you have access to reports on how your business is doing.

Accepting payments no longer has to be expensive or complicated. By turning your mobile phone into a POS, doing business gets a lot easier: accept payments on the go, no more time wasted with set-ups and accept many more forms of payment. And you can go straight from cash and cheques to mobile payments – no fancy hardware needed!

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