Is Google Pay safe?

March 16, 2021

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay - or G Pay - is the quick and simple way to pay with your phone. Previously known as Android Pay, Google Pay is used by over 25 million people. It allows you to pay using the app or digital wallet in which you can store your debit or credit card, online or in stores with just your phone.

Google Pay uses NFC (Near Field Communication), which eliminates the need to carry a bulky wallet or dive into your bag at the checkout, allowing you to tap on the payment terminal whenever you see the contactless payment symbol.

Is Google Pay secure?

Yes. Google uses implemented cutting edge technology so you can make payments as safely as possible. Here’s how they make sure your financial and personal information is always protected:

  • Your full card details are never stored on your phone or shared with anyone.
  • Google Pay uses a “token”. They send the retailer virtual bank details rather than your real details so that your details are never at risk. This works for both online and in store transactions.
  • Your details are safely encrypted on the Google Cloud.
  • You must have an automatic screen lock set to the device. If youdisable it, your account details will get removed.
  • You can track every transaction via the app, confirming where and when each transaction took place.

Using Google Pay with Pomelo Pay

Google Pay is fully supported by Pomelo Pay. With our range of products you can accept Google Pay payments in seconds without the need for a card reader. All you need is our app, which is free to download.

Customers can use Google Pay for both in-person and online payments.

If you are taking payments with Pomelo Pay's QR code feature, then the customer simply needs to scan with their phone, and click on 'Pay with Google Pay.' A secure payment is made in a single click or tap.

If the customer is using a Payment Link or buying a product from your Shop, we will automatically detect if they have Google Pay enabled and offer them a one-click purchase button. This allows customers to conveniently and securely pay for products without entering their card details.