Try our new improved online shop

December 1, 2020

Sell in even more ways with the Pomelo Pay online shop builder

Many businesses are turning to online sales by selling their goods or services online via an online shop. The great news is that you do not need to invest in a complicated or expensive website builder in order to have your own shop. All you need is Pomelo Pay.

We’ve made things even better

As part of our promise to give you more and better ways to sell we’ve made improvements to Shop that we think you will really love.

Showcase your brand

First impressions count so make sure you take advantage of our improved branding features to give the front page of your Shop that wow factor.

  • Bigger logo
  • Bolder hero image or colour banner
  • A signature colour that you can use throughout your Shop

ecommerce shopfront

Introduce your business with our new description box

We’ve reserved a little space called ‘About your shop’ on the front page of your Shop where you can now provide a short description of your business.

Tell your customers what you specialise in or how long you’ve been trading. It’s a great way to elevate your brand and tell a story before your customers start shopping.

A modern look and feel

We've really taken a look at the shop and identified how we can make your shop look professional, modern and engaging to your customers.

The classic look and feel of our improved Shop is as good as anything you’ll find with a professional website builder but for a much lower cost.

  • Bigger images
  • Smoother navigation
  • A better shopping experience

A better way to sell your products

We want you to sell as much as possible which is why we’ve made it even easier for customers to view products and add them to the basket.

From pricing and product descriptions to big, gorgeous photos and product categories we have everything you need to show off your products and make your customers buy.

Tell the world about your Shop

You’ve created your Shop, now the only thing to do is start telling people about it.

With our super simple ‘Share your shop’ feature you can create shareable links or printable QR codes that allow customers to access your Shop and start shopping.

Tip: copy and pasting your Shop link into your social media pages is a great way to sell.