Coming soon: record your cash transactions

June 29, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that our latest improvement to the Pomelo Pay app is soon to go live! Our new feature allows you to officially record your cash transactions, enabling merchants to access a 360 view of their revenue.

By introducing this new feature, means our app is now fully inclusive for both in-person and online payments, cash and digital. Whilst meeting the demands of digital payments, no merchant is left behind by being able to record cash transactions.

In 2020, digital payments as a whole saw a huge increase in adoption. According to the World Payments Report by Capgemini, digital payments grew by 53%. Although cash is shrinking, it still matters within the payments landscape because it offers choice. For example, it helps some individuals to budget better and allows individuals with limited or no access to digital payment methods, such as the elderly, the option to pay. Despite mobile payments on the rise, and with 41% of individuals trying contactless payments in 2020 alone, it’s fair to say that cash still plays an essential part for many individuals due to its inclusivity.

How to track your cash payments:

  • Log into the Pomelo Pay app
  • Enter an amount
  • Select cash
  • Confirm that you've receive the cash
  • Receipt is generated

Recording your cash transactions means that you can import all the transactions into one single platform, as well as saving you time knowing that all your transactions are stored in one place.

To manage all of your transactions easily, get in touch with our Sales Team by clicking the button below.