Pomelo Pay launches the official OpenCart plugin for merchants

August 31, 2021

Open Cart is an open-source eCommerce platform, specially designed for online businesses. With nearly 20 years of existence and almost half a million websites using OpenCart, it securely sits as one of the top five leading eCommerce platforms. Not only has it gained a reputation and popularity for being the perfect eCommerce solution for online businesses, but the straightforward platform provides users with a collection of easy-to-use features. That’s why we are happy to officially announce that Pomelo Pay is now fully integrated with OpenCart.

With the launch of the plugin, this one-click install allows you to integrate your website checkout to our platform from inside the OpenCart website, giving access to Credit & Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay and local wallets. That means you can now install popular payment methods with one plugin. Interested? Let’s take a look at the features included with the OpenCart integration.

Multiple payment methods and currencies
Give your customers the flexibility they love by integrating both credit, debit and local card payments. With 25+ payment methods to choose from in multiple currencies, your business will reach more customers and receive more orders. For the full list of payment methods you can integrate, click here.

Quicker pay-outs
Our next day pay-outs are faster than traditional pay-outs. Do more with your money by receiving your funds the next business day.

Simple setup
It’s easy to integrate OpenCart, as no coding is needed to get set up. Simply install the plugin and enter your API keys to get started.

Dedicated developer support
Our team is on hand to help you along the way with dedicated developer support if you have any questions or requests. If you haven’t signed up with Pomelo Pay, you can contact our Sales Team to create a merchant account today.

At Pomelo Pay, we want to make accepting online payments easier. As our WooCommerce proved a popular integration, we are excited to now be launching OpenCart for merchants to also use.

The free plugin is available to download as an extension via the OpenCart website. Click the button below to find out more information on how to install the official OpenCart plugin!