How we help businesses turn digital

October 21, 2021

Businesses that implement digital transformation benefit from increased productivity, greater resiliency and enhanced security.

The coronavirus pandemic brought digital transformation into sharp focus. Businesses that had digital operations were much better prepared for lockdowns and shop shutdowns.

It looks like covid-19 will be with us for a few more years at least. Companies that are able to operate remotely and respond to changing customer demands will be much better prepared for the future.

More and more businesses understand the importance of going digital, and we are helping them get there.

Digital payments

Using cash for purchases has become less popular over the years. In 2019, customers used cash 27% of the time when purchasing in-store. In the last year, that number fell to 13%, and is predicted to be just 7% in 2024.

Paying through a QR code or contactless card transaction provides a number of advantages over cash. It is far more secure as businesses do not have to store cash on site.

Businesses can also increase revenue as customers who pay through their card or phone typically spend more in a shop.

We specialise in enabling businesses accept digital payments. With our app, businesses can turn their smartphone into a QR code terminal.

Customers don't have to wait in long queues and can pay for purchases in seconds. Whilst businesses can forego card readers and streamline their checkout process.

Digitalised data

Businesses make better decisions by utilising all of the data that they have available to them. Digitalisation ensures that businesses have everything they need to make more informed choices.

With unified commerce, all of a business’s sales channels can be connected onto one platform. Both offline and online can be managed from the Pomelo dashboard including remote payment links, QR code payments and online e-commerce payments.

By having every sale and invoice on one channel, managers can find inefficiencies, track goals and learn more about their business.

With our tools, there is no need to process and collate transactions manually. Everything is recorded automatically which reduces administrative costs and saves time.

Digital remote payments

Managing invoices and payments can be a notoriously difficult task. Keeping track of payments, managing settlements and liaising with suppliers takes time and energy.

With our remote link payments, businesses can streamline this area of their business and drastically reduce the time needed.

With remote links, businesses can send a secure and encrypted link that can be sent by email, SMS text or WhatsApp (or any other messaging service). Payment links can also be added to invoices.

Customers can then make a payment by clicking on the link and the business will be notified of the payment. The link is then deactivated.

Setting up and paying a remote payment link is fast, easy and simple. Businesses can also keep track of everything through the dashboard on the Pomelo app.

Digital shops

For some businesses, such as retail shops and those in food and beverage, it doesn’t make sense to create a completely new e-commerce platform.

We make it easy for shops to go digital with our quick and effective shop builder. For businesses that are looking to supplement an existing brick and mortar shop it is the perfect solution.

With an e-commerce platform, shops can quickly expand their operations, offer deliveries and provide more touchpoints. So there are even more opportunities to sell products.

Business owners can create a shop within minutes, all that is required are short descriptions and pictures for products.

The store is also customisable to reflect every business brand and there are no monthly site costs to pay. The only thing we charge is a 1.49% transaction when a product is purchased.

Digital menus

The old way of creating menus is slow and inefficient. With paper menus, restaurant owners have to print hundreds of new menus when there is one item change.

These overheads become costly when there are frequent changes to menus. However, all of these issues can be overcome with digital menus and signage.

With digital menus, customers can browse the menu as soon as they sit down. They can order without waiting for staff, and these orders are sent to the kitchen immediately, which speeds up operations.

Businesses that use digital menus can also make changes for lunch and dinners. They can also introduce limited offers and promotions at different times of the day to maximise revenues.

At Pomelo Pay, we’re playing our part by offering our clients a free menu maker. Setting up a new menu takes minutes, whilst editing an existing one takes seconds.

If you are a business looking to go digital, contact us at Pomelo Pay to find out how we can make your business even better.