What is Pomelo Pay and How Can it Help My Business?

September 8, 2020

Set-up is quick and easy. By downloading the app, you can be up and running in two minutes to take a range of payment options to suit your customer, automate invoices and get paid quickly and securely. Even better, your customer doesn’t need to download the app, they just scan the QR code via their smartphone or emailed invoice.

  • Free and easy setup, so you can instantly start taking payment
  • Works just using your smartphone, no card reader required
  • Accepts all major card payments, with no upfront fees
  • Get paid quickly – with fast next-day payments.

Why is it good for my business?

More payment options for your customers

Digital payments such as contactless and mobile payments have revolutionised customers’ spending habits and today card payments are more common that cash in the UK. With Pomelo Pay you can accept card payments onsite or via a payment request and further more the customer has a range of ways to pay: Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit and debit card. All it costs to you is a 1.49% transaction fee.

Cover the cost of materials

Do you need to buy materials upfront for a job? Not a problem. Simply send your customer a payment request with our app and the next day you’ll receive funds that you can use to buy materials. You can choose to send the payment request by email, text message or WhatsApp. When the customer receives the message all they need to do is click on the link and select a payment method (Apple Pay, Google Pay or card).

Keep customers happy

When it comes to being paid for a job there might be times when you can only accept cash. While it might not be a problem for you it’s possible that it causes frustrations for your customers who prefer to pay by card. Don’t risk poor customer satisfaction or, even worse, losing out to competition simply because you don’t accept cashless payments. Use our quick and easy app to offer a more flexible and convenient payment experience to your customers.

Improved cash flow

Being paid on time is crucial for any small business. With Pomelo Pay your transaction is remitted the next working day which means no more waiting around for customer payments to hit your bank account.

No more chasing payments

Are you always chasing late payments? We know that it can be very frustrating for you to spend a large portion of your time following up on payments, not to mention the risk that the customer feels like they are being hassled. With Pomelo Pay you can take payments as soon as a job is complete. Say bye to chasing late payments, and say hello to getting paid upfront and instantly.  

Travel light

Are you currently taking card payments? Are you tired of carrying an old clunky card reader? Are you always waiting for your card machine to be connected via Bluetooth?  With Pomelo Pay you wouldn’t encounter these problems as there isn’t any external terminal to take payments. This means fewer things to carry; all you need is your smartphone and you’re all set to take payments.

Cutting edge QR technology

Pomelo Pay uses QR code technology to facilitate on-the-spot cashless payments. To date, QR code payments have been largely been driven by countries in Asia, with payment platform AliPay and WeChat Pay emerging as a cultural phenomena, accounting for close to $5.5 trillion transactions in 2016. But the success of QR codes aren’t just limited to Asia; some businesses in Europe and America are seeing the potential in QR payments and adopting the idea, with Starbucks implementing QR codes during their summer campaign.

Thanks to QR codes Pomelo Pay can empower merchants to take card payments with just their smartphone – no set up, no card readers, no contract. Just immediate payments.

Competitive prices

Simplify your money with the Pomelo Pay dashboard

While running a small business, we know how important it is to manage your cash flow and payments. To help simplify all of this we have created a dashboard that is designed to help manage the payments and to give you more detailed reports and information for your business.

On the dashboard, you are able to view live transactions, issue returns or download reconciliation reports, plus manage your bank account details, and send invites to co-workers.

Sounds good? Try it for yourself. Download the Pomelo Pay app today.