A Better Checkout Experience with Google Pay

September 4, 2020

What is Google Pay?

It is one of the most popular e-money wallets in the world, due to their integrated cross device solution. Google Pay works both online for e-commerce and on your phone for in-person payments.

One of the benefits of Google Pay is that customers never have to enter their card information manually again. The card information is securely stored and never transmitted directly to the merchant or e-commerce website.

Where can customers use it?

Customers can use Google Pay for in-person and online payments.
When merchants and businesses are using Pomelo Charge, our in-person POS (Point-Of-Sale) app, their customers can just scan the QR code and click on “Buy with Google Pay”. A secure payment is made in a single click or tap.

On Pomelo Shops and Payment Requests we’ll automatically detect if customers have Google Pay enabled and offer them a one-click purchase button.

This allows customers to conveniently and securely pay for products without entering their card details. And it’s great for conversions too!

A Better Google Pay Experience for your customers on Pomelo Pay Charge, Shops and Payment Requests

Previously, customers had to specifically link their card to Google Chrome for the Google Pay button to show up.
We’ve redesigned our Google Pay support from the ground up and can now offer Google Pay in any browser, on any device, both for in-person and online payments.

This means customers will now be able to pay with a true Google Pay experience in-person, when you send payment requests, when you use our Pomelo Shop or even when you initiate payments through our API.

The new improved Google Pay experience is automatically enabled for all our merchants and customers so you don’t have to update anything.

We’re continuously working to improve the payment acceptance for merchants and customers.

What do you think of our improved Google Pay experience?