Use our free Menu Maker to re-open your restaurant safely

September 4, 2020

According to the covid-19 recovery strategy document published by the UK government, hospitality businesses will be able to re-open no earlier than 4th July.

In order to reopen, cafes and restaurants must meet covid-19 secure guidelines which are expected to include rules on social distancing, protection of staff and hygiene.

If you have a restaurant or cafe and are hoping to re-open this summer one of the changes you will need to consider is the way you present your own menu to customers.

It’s likely that traditional plastic table menus will no longer be allowed under the guidelines due to the risk of virus transmission. The alternative is disposable paper menus which are costly for your business and bad for the environment.

A better, more covid-secure way to offer your restaurant menu is online, where customers can browse menus on their phone then order with your staff.

With the Pomelo Pay restaurant Menu Maker, you can take advantage of the professional menu templates, design tools and fonts to create your own beautiful and hygienic food menu.

No design experience or graphic design skills are required! Whether you need a bar menu, Italian menu or cafe menu, we've got the perfect tool for non-designers and small businesses.

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How the Menu Maker works

How to create a free online menu

free online menu creator

Even if you don’t have a website you can create and host a menu online with Pomelo Pay’s menu creator.

You can use your own images or high-resolution stock images or vectors for your restaurant menu design. Whatever you use our new product is carefully designed for restaurants and cafes who want to be covid-secure.

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Benefits of Menu Maker

  • Completely free – We want restaurants to open as much as you do. That’s why we’ve made this tool completely free to use. There are no monthly charges, no fees and no contracts. You don’t have to spend any money.
  • Covid-safe – Traditional table menus pass on infection if touched by multiple hands. With an online menu your customers have their own personal menu to browse on their phone.
  • Customisable – Add, clone and organise items in a few clicks. Create categories such as starters and mains and add food photos and descriptions to show off your dishes.
  • Completely digital – With a digital menu there is no need to spend money on ordering plastic or paper menus and it’s much better for the environment.

Easy to change and update

Whether you’ve sold out of one dish or need to add something new, you can easily switch up your menu with simple edit features.

free menu creator

Change or customise your online menu on the move

With the Pomelo Pay app you can make changes to your dishes on the move using the drag and drop online Menu Maker.

Customers can access your menu in a flash

Each online menu comes with a scannable QR code. All you have to do is display the code in your restaurant and customers can scan it with their phones to view the mouthwatering menu items.

Scan-to-view online menu

Customer scans QR code

Menu appears on phone

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Currently, sign-up is on desktop only but are we working hard to make this available on all devices. Get a head start by going to your desktop computer or laptop and start creating! You'll be able to create a beautiful menu design that you can show off on social media immediately!