Introducing enhanced security for payment links

September 2, 2021

Today, we announced at Pomelo Pay that we have been focusing on bringing an extra layer of protection to our merchants. Payment Links are already a fully featured solution that has gained an increasing amount of popularity. Why? Because of their versatility. By sending a customer a Payment Links via SMS, email or any other messaging platform, it’s easy for your customers to pay you, wherever they are and get paid remotely. With transactions on the rise with Payment Links, we stepped in to protect our merchants and take the security up a few notches with our latest improvement by adding additional security mechanisms.

What is Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security is essentially a shield of protection we have added to our Payment Links feature. It is where we allow merchants to increase the security of payment links by defining the number of times it can be opened based on locations… putting businesses in the driving seat of their payments and who can access their payment links.

How it works

Merchants can increase the security of your payment by limiting the amount of different locations a payment link can be opened.

Anyone with a Pomelo account can enable this setting in a few simple clicks by accessing the Payment Links tab in the merchant Dashboard. Here they will find ‘Additional Security Settings.’

Simply click ‘additional security settings’ in a payment link to define how many times it can be opened at a new location.

If you have set the number of times a link can be opened to, let’s say 3 times, and the customer surpasses this, then they will receive an error message to inform them that the link is no longer valid and the payment has been locked.

Visit our latest FAQ on Enhanced Security for more information and how to enable this setting.

Payment Links have never been safer. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Enhanced Security for your business:

Stricter control of your payments

By being able to set how many locations a payment link can be opened and see when it has been opened via the Dashboard, puts you in full control. It means you have set the bar with what you are happy with and have the knowledge of what is accessible.

Decreased number of chargebacks

By enabling your customers to track payments to you more easily and ensuring it cannot be opened by the incorrect person, reduces the risk of chargebacks. This saves you both time and money.

Increased security

Give your business extra protection knowing a link cannot be opened by the wrong person with the ability to trace them. It enables access to only the person that needs to open it to pay and stops your links being shared multiple times, through various supply chains.

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