New! Add custom fees to your shop

April 13, 2021

We are pleased to announce that with the arrival of our new Shop, comes the ability to add Custom Fees.  In just a few clicks, you can define additional costs, which are then automatically added to your customers’ basket. This is the perfect solution to increase your sales and average order value, so you can start selling without paying!

3 great ways to use custom fees

Delivery fees

Cover the costs of delivery by adding a Custom Fee called ‘delivery fee’ and set a price. You can then add an optional rule when the fee is applied to a customer's basket, for example there will be no delivery fee if the order is over £50.00, or there will be a delivery fee if the number of items exceed 5. The rule is yours to set.

Order processing fees

Relieve the costs for your business and make up for your payment processing expenses and time spend by making extra fees compulsory, such as a processing fee for small or large order. For example, let’s say someone wants to add some fresh pasta to their basket but the total of these items remain under your set threshold of £20.00. A fixed £2.00 order processing fee will be added to the customer’s basket automatically. This is a great solution to optimise your expenditure, and again, you can set the rules on how these fees are added.

Service fees

Charge additional fees on top of the order for any service you deliver. For example, if someone orders room service at your hotel, you can charge them a fee on top of this for delivering the food directly to their room door.

Simply add the fee name, a description, and a cost with the fee

Adding custom fees has never been easier

All you need to do is log in to your Pomelo Pay account and click the 'Checkout' tab in your Shop, meaning you can add them at any time, any place. Here, you will be able to configure the fees  in the Shop with two rules.

Order value

This allows you to set specific fees if the order value is less or more than a certain price.

Number of items in an order

This allows you to set specific fees if the order quantity is less or more than X.

Added flexibility

We've also made sure that there is no limit to the number of fees that you can add. For example, if an order value is less than £50, you can charge both, a delivery fee of £5 and a small order fee of £3 if the order contains less than 2 items. The two fees will be added at the checkout, totalling £8.

At Pomelo Pay, we are determined to help businesses take payments with ease. Custom fees are an easy-to-use solution for businesses. With added flexibility to suit what your Shop needs, the options are completely up to you with this new feature! Click the button below to add Custom Fees to your Shop.