Create a Free Online Shop with Pomelo Shop

September 4, 2020

At Pomelo Pay we know that not every business has the time, money or know-how to create an e-commerce store from scratch. That’s why we’ve come up with a cost-effective and easy way to help businesses display their products online and take payments for those products at a click of a button.

Introducing Shop

Shop is the perfect solution for merchants looking to set up an online store or for new businesses that want to get started ASAP. In just a few clicks you can create an online shop and sell products without the need for a website. Instead of a URL the shop can be shared via a scannable QR code or a shareable, clickable link.

With a simple, fuss-free set-up it’s ideal for businesses where the focus is on speed and cost-saving. All you pay for is the transaction fee if you make a sale, the rest is free!

Easy to Set Up

Getting started couldn’t be easier. First you’ll need to create an account via the Pomelo Pay app. Once your account has been approved simply head to our website and start building your shop by adding products. You can add as many products as you like and customise your product inventory with descriptions and images/photos to really entice your customers.

Because we believe in simplicity you will not be bombarded with hundreds of templates. Instead, we offer one fresh clean and modern look that really shows off your products. With minimal fuss you can create a simple shop without wasting hours on fiddly website builders.

Once your shop is built you can create multiple locations, if for instance, you own a number of coffee shops across the city. All you need to do is duplicate the original shop then modify it’s products according to the location. It couldn’t be simpler!

Customise Your Fields

With Shop by Pomelo Pay you can decide which information you request from your customers. If you deliver your products simply tick the ‘Address’ box and you can use ‘Service Charge’ to add on a delivery fee. Personalise your service with an Order Message for that friendly final touch to the order.

Secure Payments

Customers can choose and pay for products on your Pomelo Pay online Shop through a secure payment portal that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit and debit cards. Each payment  is tokenised, which means that customers’ details are never shared or stored with either the merchant or Pomelo Pay. Customers can rest assured their information remains in safe hands.

Low Cost

It’s free to create a Shop on Pomelo Pay; the only thing you pay for is the transaction fee when you make a sale.

We do not charge monthly contracts or fees for using additional features. It won’t cost you extra to add multiple locations or brand your Shop. Everything is free except the transaction fee.

A Cutting-Edge and Contact-Free Way to Share your Shop

Each Pomelo Pay shop comes with a link and a scannable QR code which can be used to share the shop with other people.

Shareable Link

Once your online shop is created you can generate a shareable link which looks like this:


The link is great for promoting your shop on social media as it can be easily copy and pasted anywhere online. If you want to make it shorter you can easily using a free tool like Bitly.

QR Code

Each shop also comes with a scannable QR code. When a customer scans that code with their phone camera they will be taken to a webpage that displays your online shop.

QR codes are incredibly versatile as they can displayed in lots of places, such as flyers, posters, brochures, on counter tops and on walls. In the socially-distant era QR codes provide a solution for bricks and mortar shops who want to keep customers away from the counter or touching POS machines and pin pads.

By displaying your QR in your shop customers can browse and pay for products without having to go up to the counter to pay. For example, if a customer is buying bread at a local bakery, they can simply scan the QR code and gain immediate access to the bakery’s online store. Then, they pick their product, pay online and pick up their order without waiting in the queue! This offers a secure and safe way for consumers and businesses to interact without putting anyone’s health at risk.

Find out how you can create an online Shop today. Contact us or download the app to get started.