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How All Ironed Out ditched the card reader to take their business contactless

September 14, 2021

All Ironed Out is an ironing company that offers services across the UK. What started in a small village in Bedfordshire has now grown into a thriving national company.

They have been able to achieve growth by training the most conscientious, flexible and professional ironers. Whether a customer is in South London or South Wales, they can expect the highest standard of ironing and the most personable customer service.

Phil is a web developer and the owner of All Ironed Out. He wanted a quick, easy and contactless way of receiving payments once the pandemic hit. Phil soon came across Pomelo Pay who offered all the various payment options that his business needed. 

‘With Pomelo, we thought it was really handy, we can create payment links, use QR codes etc. It just tied in with the contactless side of running a business, as taking payments on the doorstep with a card reader wasn’t something that we wanted to keep doing and Pomelo delivered what we wanted.’

How Pomelo Pay boosted All Ironed Out’s revenue 

Before using Pomelo Pay, All Ironed Out took payments through card readers. They wanted to turn this into a contactless system quickly and easily.

Using payment links and QR codes has made a real difference on how they operate as a business:

‘It has simplified the payment side of things, we don’t have to chase for payments, we don’t have to get involved on the doorstep when we are returning the ironing. The process is also secure, as we’re not handling card details.’

The service that All Ironed Out provides means they don’t see a lot of their customers, making it a completely virtual service. Giving customers the ability to pay online using their phones ensures their operations are never interrupted.

‘It's very seamless. That’s why we continue to love your service.’ 

How Pomelo Pay integrates with All Ironed Out

Payment links are a very handy way of taking payments remotely and this is how Phil and his agents from All Ironed Out have chosen to take payments. They are easy to setup and can be used any time or day. Customers can be charged before or after a delivery has been made, making the payment link system perfect for businesses like All Ironed Out. 

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The Pomelo Payment Link screen

The customer opens the link that has been sent to their phone or computer. Once they click on it they are given the choice of paying by credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. In just a few clicks the money is sent from the customer to the business.

How All Ironed Out uses payment links

  1. An All Ironed Out agent collects the clothing from the customer. They will take these back to their place of business and calculate the cost of ironing all these garments.
  2. All Ironed Out will create a payment link within the Pomelo app which will then integrate with their management system.
  3. The system sends out an automatic email with a payment link. The customer can opt to ‘pre-pay’ and select an amount.
  4. Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay after receiving their ironing.
  5. All Ironed Out will then receive that payment. 

Payment is acquired quickly and effortlessly, all through one link.

All Ironed Out anticipates that the shift towards taking contactless payments is permanent. Alongside payment links, Phil and his team also use QR codes

‘The QR code is a handy way to remind the customer that they can pay on their phone. We will continue to use it but it isn't the main way we accept payments as we also create payment links through an email.’

All Ironed Out's QR code

Find out more about QR codes here

Why All Ironed Out use Pomelo Pay

‘It is the personal touch, the service. The platform is great, the system works and if I need a problem solved or I find a little glitch, I know that I can flag it and it’s dealt with quickly. That part of the service is what matters to us. That’s one of the reasons as to why I like Pomelo, as you’re not a massive corporate, you are building a platform and it’s nice to be a part of that.’ 

We are also excited to see what the future holds for All Ironed Out. 

‘We have always wanted to be the UK’s largest ironing service, a well-known brand. So that’s our main goal and we will keep striving to achieve that and recruiting people, empowering people to work for themselves in their own space. We are trying to help as many people get on the business ladder and generate income for as many people as possible.’ 

All Ironed Out's coverage across the UK

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