“The name’s Pay. Pomelo Pay.”

October 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered what kind of films would be produced if James Bond worked in digital payments instead of MI6? Of course you have.

There’s no need to wonder any longer however, because we know exactly what James Bond would do to shake up (not stir) the payments industry.

We’ve imagined our own Bond films which, one day, hopefully, will be coming to your screens very soon!

Time to Die

Say goodbye to the card machine and costly terminals

James Bond is faced with his biggest challenge yet - the large, bulky card reader. Heavy and expensive, businesses have to purchase multiple card readers if they have a large shop.

In Time to Die, James Bond rescues shopkeepers and restaurant owners up and down the country who are frustrated with long queuing times and connectivity issues.

By allowing employees to use their smartphones as card readers, businesses are able to cut waiting times in an instant.

"Forward-thinking solutions for businesses." Techround

"Pomelo Pay’s flexible approach allows companies in different sectors to operate safely and reliably while adapting quickly to changing situations." London Loves Business

A Faster Way to Pay

The return of the QR code

Mr Bond discovers how smartphones can be used as card readers in A Faster Way to Pay. He shows managers and shop owners how to make payments to another smartphone by utilising the power of QR code technology.

The technology doesn’t require any hardware nor any contracts. Businesses can turn their smartphone into a QR code reader in seconds.

Millions of customers who find their shopping interrupted by long queues are able to pay instantly through their phone.

For business owners who are concerned about security and hygiene issues when taking cash, they can accept digital payments with ease.

"Making the payment process seamless and cashflow management stress free." EU-Startups

"Excited to be working with Pomelo Pay to offer a new solution for SME's as they navigate the new normal and road to recovery." Mastercard


Unleash the power of your smartphone

In Goldenphone, business owners find out how to get the most out of their phone. Managers can take advantage of unified payments to turn their smartphone into an essential business tool.

By merging all of their sales channels onto one platform, business owners can collate data, find inefficiencies and improve performance.

Rather than manage multiple channels, shop proprietors and restaurant owners can save time and money by administering everything from one app on their phone.

"Pomelo Pay helps lighten the load for growing businesses" TechRound

"Its flexible approach enables businesses across a multitude of sectors to quickly adapt to changing circumstances while operating safely and securely" Finextra

License to Pay

Never leave your customer unsatisfied again

It’s a huge problem when customers get to the end of checkout and find out that their preferred payment methods are unavailable.

Frustrated customers abandon their carts and reduce conversions. However, if businesses have the license for many different payments they can keep customers happy.

With an integrated payments API, businesses can please every customer by offering over 25 different payment methods from Apple Pay to Klarna.

Everything is designed to be seamlessly connected and will ensure businesses create a user experience that customers will love.

"Growing businesses, digitizing, adopting new payment technologies and relieving the pain of financial managers" London News Time

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If you’d like to find out how you can incorporate API, QR codes or remote payment links into your business, contact us at Pomelo Pay.