Upgrade your payments system this January (for free!)

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Upgrade your payments system this January (for free!)

January is the peak period for reflecting on how to better serve your customer base, save time, and reduce unnecessary overheads.  Luckily the Pomelo Pay Charge app helps you do all of that - for free! Here’s how:


1.  Save the cost (and hassle) of a card reader

Our free app uses secure PayCodes; you don’t need a card reader and your customers don’t need to download any apps - they simply scan and pay using their favourite method.  All major cards and mobile wallets (like Apple Pay and Google Pay), are accepted.  Perfect for mobile businesses and freelancers!

2. Stop wasting time managing cash and paper invoices

Cash is dying out, bank branches are closing and ATM’s are shutting down.  The Charge app is a truly affordable alternative to cash - there's no monthly fee, setup cost or contract.  Plus our intuitive dashboard helps you track live funds, issue refunds and email receipts on the go. Payments to suit your lifestyle.


3. Automatically keep up with your competitors

Traditional card machines have to be regularly replaced to support new payment methods - but Pomelo Pay automatically releases updates directly into the app and dashboard, for free - so you can keep up with the latest ways customers want to pay.  You’ll never need to upgrade expensive hardware again!

Get our free app today, and start taking card and mobile payments in under 2 minutes.