How does it work?

Pomelo Pay offers businesses a solution to accept card and mobile payments without expensive payment terminals.



Accept payments in-store or on-the-go without a card reader.

Turn any mobile device into a POS. Take payments in-store or on-the-go. By using our free intuitive Pomelo Charge app, you or your employees can take payments anywhere. Your customers can easily scan the paycode using their phone camera and pay using their card, Apple/Google Pay and alternative payment methods.



Request money from anyone for just about anything. A simple reminder for a deposit or a one-off invoice for a service rendered, you can send a request to anyone in seconds, by email or text message.



Hands-off mobile payments.

Turn any location into a sales channel by printing and displaying your unique static Paycode. Your customers can easily access your Pomelo Checkout by scanning the Paycode using their phone camera. From there, they can select the product they want from a menu of your offerings and pay instantly.

As a merchant you can set up a menu of your products and services in your dashboard, and get notified on every purchase in real time.

The best part is your customers can access your Pomelo Checkout without you being present so you will never miss a chance to make a sale.



In-Depth Analytics and Reports. Need more detailed information and reports for your business? We've got you covered, with our merchant dashboard.

View live transaction information, issue refunds or download reconciliation reports, plus manage your bank account details and other payment settings.

You can also issue Payment Requests to your customers via email. They simply scan your PayCode or enter their card details to pay.



Quickly integrate all major payment methods wherever you need them by using our online payment gateway - Pomelo Connect. Whether you have an existing web shop or just starting out, use our easy to install module and start taking payments using Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many other alternative payment methods, at competitive rates.

We even present the customer with an easy-to-use paycode, which is much more secure, so they can complete payment by mobile without entering any card details on your website.