Merchant QR Code Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Throughout lockdown and the pandemic, you’ve likely seen more QR codes popping up on tables, screens and flyers.

This may have led you to thinking: should I be using QR codes? If you are considering implementing QR codes in your business and want to know where and how to get started, you’ve come to the right place. With QR codes, you will be able to:

  • Set up online payments
  • Accept all types of payments more quickly
  • Integrate payments into an online menu
  • Spend less on paper!

What are QR codes?

QR code is short for Quick Response, and is essentially an image that looks like a square barcode. It contains information which smartphone cameras and barcode scanners can access by scanning the QR code directly from a piece of paper or on a screen.

The kind of information that is transferred is usually a website or a payment method, which the customer can then access from their phone after scanning the code. The user is usually taken to a payment screen where they can fill in their card details and complete their payment. This type of payment system is very popular in some countries like China, and offers a good transition to digital payments. It’s growing in popularity in Western countries as we look for payment methods that encourage a safe distance and follow government guidelines.

merchant qr code

How do QR codes work?

The QR code itself is generated automatically by a software or program. At Pomelo Pay, for example, we generate one for you. This QR Code Generator website, as you can see, will turn any website URL, image or location into a QR code.

Once the code is generated, it will contain all the information needed for a transaction to take place. You can print this code and display it in a shop, an invoice or just on your phone. It makes it incredibly easy to accept payments from anywhere - and you don’t even need internet connection to accept the payment (although your customer will). Once your customer has scanned the QR code and proceeded with the payment, you’ll receive the funds the next day.

What makes QR codes so handy is that you can integrate them into all sorts of systems including a contactless table ordering, online menu or client software - it’s really up to you!

Why are they good for business?

Speedy payments

With a QR code payment system, your customers just need to take out their phone - which they will always have on them - and scan with their smartphone camera app which has an in-built qr code scanner. They’ll be able to fill in all the details and pay from their phone. This means they’re no longer faffing around for cash or card and won’t even have to wait in a queue to pay (you can put your QR codes anywhere, remember!). The transfer happens very quickly and payment is made in a few seconds.

Easy to set up and integrate

You may think you need a whole load of fancy software in order to accept QR code payments - but the truth is, you don’t! With a service like Pomelo Pay, you just need to download our app and you’re good to go. Download the app, create an account, and you can start accepting all kinds of payments including Visa, Mastercard and mobile payments.

Highly secure

QR code payments are actually more secure than debit card payments or cash. That’s because all the transaction information is encrypted, and each transaction is tokenised (they all have a unique number). Not only that, but you can tell your customers that the platform does not retain and keep any of the banking information, meaning their details are not stored anywhere.

Socially distant

One of the main reasons you may be interested in QR codes is because it allows customers to complete payments while following the 2 metre distance rule. You just need to show them the QR code and they just need to complete the payment from their phone. This will allow you to remain open during lockdown, make more sales and keep your customers safe.

How to get started with QR codes

One of the easiest ways to get started with merchant QR code payments is by using a payment service like Pomelo Pay. We’ve made it incredibly easy to set up: download the app, add a few business details and you’re ready to get started. We’ll generate a generic QR code for you and you can decide how to display it: on your phone, tablet, shop, invoice, and even your van.

If you work in trades and construction you can easily accept payments while at a customer’s house and not have to wait for days before receiving your payment. You also won’t have to commit to a contract or any set up fees - at Pomelo Pay, we only charge a 1.49% transaction fee.

We believe QR code payments are the future: they are efficient, fast and encourage safe distance. With Pomelo Pay, you can get started without any commitments or upfront fees. Why not see if QR codes work for you?

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