How to Pick the Best POS System for Your Business

POS (Point of Sale) systems are an integral part of managing your business. 🏧

A good POS system can make life a lot easier: they allow customers to pay using their preferred payment method, they can help issue invoices and manage suppliers, and they can also offer essential insights into the health of your overall business. In this article, we’ll be covering what a good POS system is and how to pick the best one for your company. 👇

What is a POS system?

A Point of Sale system is a tool that is used to complete sales. The sale happens the moment the purchase is complete and you transfer your product or service over to your customer. In the past, the POS system was a simple cash register. Now, it’s an essential part of the customer experience and is getting more advanced every year. With your POS system, you can now accept payments with debit card, Apple Pay and even QR codes!

In 2019, contactless payments increased by 16% to 8.6 billion transactions in the UK. More and more UK consumers are moving towards cashless payments and mobile transactions, making an efficient POS software even more important than before. That’s why it’s worth getting a POS system that not only helps you with payments but can also offer insights, help you with online ordering and adapt to your business needs. Here are a few reasons why you may be getting a POS system:

Why you may be getting a POS system

Moving away from cash

You’re taking the leap! Getting a good retail POS system will help move your business away from cash payments. It’s good timing: contactless payments have further increased by 44% as consumers are encouraged to use digital payments in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Cashless and digital transactions are more relevant than ever and also help keep you and your customers safe and healthy.

You won’t need to completely get rid of cash; an efficient POS system can help you manage both physical and digital payments. You’ll soon see that going digital will also help you with the process of tracking sales and bills, and offer you overall more data on how your business is doing. As we know, the more data you have, the easier it is to make good decisions. With Pomelo Pay’s analytics, for example, you can quickly see which of your items are doing best.

Dissatisfied with your current POS system

It’s probably time to switch POS if you’re not very happy with your current one. It could be that your current POS system charges too much, or maybe it’s too slow and you need to keep your customers awkwardly waiting every time they pay. Or maybe it doesn’t meet your business needs and you need something simpler. 🤷‍♀️

Whatever the reason, it’s worth looking at alternative POS options. For example, a POS system that offers QR codes like Pomelo Pay can seriously help your business’ bottom line. Not only do you save money by removing costly card machines, but your customers can easily pay with their phone by scanning a printed QR code. You won’t even need to be connected to the internet (although your customer will need to be)!

Need more advanced options

If you’re currently focused on growing your business, you might be on the lookout for a POS that is a little more advanced. This could be a POS system that accepts more payment options, that offers more features such as invoicing and analytics, or that fits better your unique industry and sector.

For example, if you’re a trader who needs to accept payments on-the-go, you may prefer a POS system that is portable and that only requires a mobile phone. If you’re a takeaway, you may want a fast and efficient POS system like Pomelo Pay that also offers online ordering, or even pre-orders.

Picking the best POS system

1. Note your business needs

Finding the best POS system for your business will depend on what growth stage you are at and what products and services you offer. If your business is still very new, you may want a POS system that is simple and easy to use. If you are switching POS to something more advanced, you’ll want a POS system with more advanced features. It’s also important to note that a physical coffee shop will have different needs than a takeaway or a tradesman working on the go.

Note down your current business needs and identify any of the things you don’t like with your current POS system. Think about the future: if you’re planning on opening in several locations, would you want a POS that evolves and expand with you? Note down your current budget and how much you believe you can afford to pay for payment processing.

2. Explore POS solutions

Time to do some testing! Once you know what your business needs are and what POS system would work best for you, it’s worth going out there and seeing what’s on the market. Identify the features you’ll want included, such as invoicing, analytics, mobile ordering, etc.

You’ll also want to pick a POS system that is secure and compliant, that provides round the clock support and is fast and reliable. Make sure to check for additional charges, as many POS will charge maintenance, card terminal and monthly fees. At Pomelo Pay, we only charge 1.49% per transaction and thanks to QR codes, every transaction is encrypted and secure.

3. Set them up

Once you’ve picked your POS system, set it all up! Test it from the side of your customer experience and make sure you’ve gone through every step of the payment process. Test it in different customer environments and check up on anything that may be confusing or faulty. With Pomelo Pay, you won’t need to order any sort of hardware - all you need is to download the app and get started!

Pomelo Pay’s POS system

At Pomelo Pay, simplicity and user-friendliness are at the core of how we work. With our app, you can start accepting payments with your phone or tablet almost immediately, and all your customer needs to pay is a working smartphone and debit card.

Our POS system also offers incredibly handy features such as an online ordering system, pre-orders and an online menu maker. With just a 1.49% transaction fee, getting set up with Pomelo Pay is risk-free and low cost.

Picking the correct UK Point of Sale system can make a big difference down the road. It will save you money, increase engagement with customers and help run your business a lot more smoothly. At Pomelo Pay, we can help you set up a POS system in less than 5 minutes (we’ve counted!).

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